GWRRA Abbreviations and Terminology


GWRRA - Gold Wing Road Riders Association

RD - Regional Director - We are in Region F

DD - District Director - We are in California District

CD - Chapter Director

ACD - Assistant Chapter Director

CE - Chapter Educator (Administers the Rider Education Program)

PLP's - Parking Lot Practices

ERC - Experienced Riders Course - This course, which is taught in about eight hours, is offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and expands on the physical and mental skills taught in the Motorcycle Rider Course.

COY - Couple of the Year - The program starts at the Chapter level with "Chapter COY," that are nominated by the members and then through a friendly "competition" process, COYs at the District, Region, and National levels are selected and recognized.

IOY - Individual of the Year - same program idea as COY

50/50 - Fifty-fifty - To help fund expenses, tickets are sold and later ticket stubs are drawn. Half the money (50%) is given away, typically in increments of 25%, 15% and 10%, to the persons holding the drawn ticket numbers, and the other half (50%) is deposited into the treasury.

SIG - Special Interest Group - (Camping, Trikes, etc) total of 6 groups.

LTD - Leadership Training Division

Wing World Magazine - GWRRA official magazine

Gold Book - Phone book of members of GWRRA. Published yearly.


All Day or Weekend Ride - As the name implies, this is generally a scenic trip that is planned well in advance and includes several meals and normally quite a few miles (over 100 per day).

Dinner Ride - Most Chapters have scheduled dinner rides (year around by bike or, in bad weather, by car) to their favorite restaurant. The ride may a short one directly to the restaurant, or it may be a longer ride with a stop for dinner at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the ride. .

FunD Raiser and/or Poker Run - An annual event for individual chapters to raise money for operations and their selected charities.  It may include a 50/50, Treasure hunt or some other activity.  With a Poker Run you draw a 5 card hand at the beginning, during check points along a ride, or at the end of the ride. (a few variations) As in poker, the best hand wins, normally some pre-announced percentage of the proceeds, or a plaque, trophy, or fixed cash prize.

Charity or Toy Run - Many times a "charity" or "toy" run is held where you will meet at a pre-arranged point with a new/stuffed toy and with the assistance of the local law enforcement be escorted" to a children's hospital or ward to deliver your toys to children with critical and even terminal illness.

Rally - This is a planned, normally annual event, two to four days in length, held at the District, Regional or National. Typical activities include vendor/trade shows, seminars, poker/observation runs, field events, best dressed competitions, etc.

Wing Ding - This is the four-day International rally held each year in June or July. Each year it's held in a different city within the U.S.


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